Ehsan Abdullah

Ehsan Abdullah Hannan studied Arabic and Sharīʿah at the Islamic University of Madinah in the early nineties. There he studied ḥadīth and fiqh under Sheikh Muhammad al-Mukhtār al-Shinqīṭī and his students.

In the mid nineties he memorised most of the Qurʾan in Egypt and spent time under the guidance of Sheikh Muhammd Ismail and others studying tafsīr, fiqh, daʿwah and tazkiyah.

He studied numerous books under the ḥadīth scholar Sheikh Abdullah al-Judai with ijāzah in his books and iftā.

He studied for a while in Makkah where he took studied ḥadÄ«th books and went on to take ijāzah in the 6 books. He continued to study in Syria where he took ijāzah in ShāfiÊ¿Ä« fiqh and ijāzah in tajwÄ«d from the senior reciter in Syria, Sheikh Muhammad Karaim Al-Rajee

Continuing in Riyadh, he renewed his study of Ê¿AqÄ«dah with Sheikh Abd al-Ê¿AzÄ«z Ê¿Abd al-Laá¹­Ä«f and studied fiqh under Allāmah al-AqÄ«l and others.

In the intermittent years he studied a masters in Islamic Studies and began his PhD on Ibn Al-Qayyim's Madārij Al-Sālikīn.

He currently teaches at a local East London Islamic secondary school  and in his spare time he enjoys reading and playing badminton. Sheikh Ehsan brings his experience in studying around the world and in DaÊ¿wah to AlKauthar where we hope to benefit from him.